The company "Polygran-service" is the manufacturer of a glue for wallpaper "Polygran", production, made of high-quality reductants, of Russia, Finland and Switzerland.

5 kinds of a glue issue now:
"Polygran-standard" - for mild and average wallpaper;
"Polygran-special" - for dense and coarse-fibered wallpaper;
"Polygran-экстра" - for all types wallpaper;
"Polygran-express train" - fast dissoluble glue for all types wallpaper;
"Polygran-professional" - fast dissoluble glue for structural wallpaper (including under a paint) on fleezeleenovoy, paper and fabric ground(basis).

All kinds of a glue issue under the new mud formulation with use PVA. More detailed information you receive, having acquainted with ours by the price-list .