The enterprise - manufacturer " Poligran-service ", included in group of the companies "Radian", offers a glue for wallpaper "Polygran" of own production made because of of high-quality reductants of production of Russia, to Finland and Switzerland.
The glue is made according to THAT 2385-001-42245052-99, is packed in cardboard packs with a colourful figure of original design on 400, 300 and 200 grammes. The packs are packed in гофротару till 24 pieces.

5 kinds of a glue issue now:
"Polygran the standard" - for mild and average wallpaper
"Polygran special" - for dense and coarse-fibered wallpaper
"Polygran - extra" - for all types wallpaper
"Polygran the express train" - FAST DISSOLUBLE a glue for all types wallpaper
"Polygran professional" - FAST DISSOLUBLE a glue for structural обоев (including under покраску) on fleezeleenoviy, paper and fabric ground(basis)

the Glue is packed in cardboard packs with the polyethylene liner till 200 grammes.

All kinds of a glue issue under the new mud formulation with use PVA.

The title of a glue Weight of a pack A cost of a glue
1 packs / rolls
The price in roubles for a pack, with allowance for VAT (*)
> 10000 packs> 5000 packs small-sized wholesale
"Standard" 400gr. 6-8
14 rbl. 15 rbl. 16 rbl.
"Special" 400gr. 8-9
16 rbl. 17 rbl. 18 rbl.
"Extra" 400gr. 9-10
19 rbl. 20 rbl. 21 rbl.
"Express train" 200gr. 9-10
27 rbl. 28 rbl. 29 rbl.
"Professional" 300gr. 30 m. sq.
36 rbl. 37 rbl. 38 rbl.

(*) the Accumulative system of the discounts envisions granting the discounts depending on an amount of purchased production within one quarter.

Is rendered advertising support and help in registration of racks by the promotional materials (banners etc.).

The shipment with a postponement of payment Is possible(probable).

The discounts are stipulated to the Constant customers.

The warehouse is in district of the Moscow ring-type road (MKAD) between the Volgogradskoe circular and Kashirskoe a highway. (Dzerzhinskiy city, street of the Academician Zhukova, 18). Registration of the documents and receiving of the goods - in one place.

The delivery to the enterprises of Moscow and near to Moscow by the own transport Is possible(probable).
Shipment to regions:
railroad a coach (50 ton);
railroad containers (3 ton, 5 ton);

Is invited to long-term cooperation trade organizations and distributors.

If you were interested by(with) our offers We ask to inform by the ph. / fax (095) 551-01-76, 550-04-44, by mail: 140090, Moscow field(area),. Dzerzhinskiy, p.o. 246 or under the computer mail:

the Title of organization
(Field(area), city)
Contact face
Delivery date of days
The title of a glue AmountOrder
"Standard" of packs
"Special" of packs
"Extra" of packs
"Express train" of packs
"Professional" of packs

The notice: the order is valid within one day.